Nominating Committee

Chairman — Dr. Robert Hough


Willie Altenberg James Bennett Dr. Darrh Bullock
Tom Burke Terry Cotton Dr. Larry Cundiff
Doug Frank Dr. Dorian Garrick Dr. Ronnie Green
Brian House Milford H. Jenkins Glen Klippenstein
Dr. Jerry Lipsey Doug Parke Dr. John Pollak
Dr. Wade Shafer Nancy Tom

In addition to our committee, an extensive portfolio of letters were received from friends, customers, educators, producers and prominent beef cattle industry leaders endorsing Dave Nichols' nomination to the Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Gallery.

His impact and influence, particularly in the advancement of performance through data collection on measureable traits, has helped the beef cattle industry make exponential strides forward over the years.

Even more lasting will be Dave's legacy as a servant and friend to countless colleagues in the beef cattle industry, and beyond.